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Steve Reich

American composer Steve Reich, born 3 October 1936, has been at the forefront of experimental music all his life. Well known is Drumming, and not so well known Piano Store for a store full of pianos.

A selection of M&V articles about Steve Reich

Ensemble. A Refreshing Novelty - Marimba duo G-Mizz, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Vigour and Freshness - Clarinettist Julian Bliss joins Andrew Gourlay and Sinfonia Viva, enjoyed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. A Formidable Climax - Steve Reich at 75 - Repetitions, Resonances and Renewals, enjoyed by Malcolm Miller

CD Spotlight. Subtle and Organic - Music by John Luther Adams, recommended by Malcolm Tattersall. '... vast silent landscapes ...'

Ensemble. Illuminations of the Beyond - Rex Harley listens to 'Hot White Light' - new music for percussion in Vancouver


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