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Verdi: La forza del destino

'... the gypsy and her confederates do Verdi proud ...'
Giuseppe Verdi: La forza del destino. © 2011 C Major Entertainment GmbH
C Major   708108
Reviewed 01/01/2012 by
Robert Anderson
Vienna Boys Choir - Silk songs along the Road and time

'... a refreshingly different portrait of this hugely versatile group ...'
The Vienna Boys' Choir - Wiener Sängerknaben - Silk Songs along the Road and Time. © 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH
Arthaus Musik   101 471
Reviewed 30/12/2011 by
Gerald Fenech
Pergolesi: Adriano in Siria

'The music is as bewitching as the story is dotty.'
Pergolesi: Adriano in Siria. © 2011 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 1065 D
Reviewed 26/12/2011 by
Robert Anderson
Paul Galbraith performs Mozart, Bach and Britten

'... palpable, near-orchestral grandeur.'
Paul Galbraith performs Mozart, Bach and Britten. © 2011 Mashulka Productions
Mashulka Productions   6 10074 26703 4
Reviewed 15/10/2011 by
Howard Smith
Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana; Leoncavallo: Pagliacci

'... not always marooned in frozen wastes.'
Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana; Leoncavallo: Pagliacci. © 2007 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 0983 D
Reviewed 10/08/2011 by
Robert Anderson
Michelangeli plays Beethoven

'His relentless perfectionism allows him spellbinding precision ...'
Michelangeli plays Beethoven. © 1962 RAI, 2005 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 0939 D
Reviewed 09/08/2011 by
Howard Smith
Elodie Lauten: OrfReo

'... a pleasing half-hour chamber opera ...'
OrfReo. © 2007 Elodie Lauten and Michael Andre
4Tay   4Tay 0001
Reviewed 08/08/2011 by
Malcolm Tattersall
Virtuoso - It's Never Too Late To Learn

'... there's little new here at all.'
Fullmoon Productions presents Virtuoso - a film by Biana Kovic. It's Never Too Late To Learn. © 2007 Biana Kovic
Fullmoon Productions   8 37101 42223 9
Reviewed 07/08/2011 by
Howard Smith
New Dimensions in Classical Guitar
Mesut Özgen and friends in a multimedia performance

'... an impressive performer who selects a distinctive repertoire ...'
New Dimensions in Classica Guitar - Mesut Özgen and friends in a multimedia performance. © 2006 Turquoise Guitar Editions
Turquoise Guitar Editions   TGE015
Reviewed 06/08/2011 by
Patric Standford
Angelin Preljocaj

'Apart from the galvanised buckets it's all effectively eye-catching ...'
Angelin Preljocaj. © 2007 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 0981 D
Reviewed 05/08/2011 by
Howard Smith
Christian Lindberg - The Total Musician

'... an extraordinary character ...'
Christian Lindberg - The Total Musician. © 2008 BIS Records AB
BIS   BIS-DVD-1678
Reviewed 04/08/2011 by
Ron Bierman
Ballet Nacional de Cuba - Don Quijote

'... gorgeous sound and visuals.'
Ballet Nacional de Cuba - Don Quijote. © 2007 Bel Air Media - Les étés de la Danse - Ballet Nacional de Cuba - Focus Danse Munich; 2008 Bel Air Classiques
BelAir classiques   BAC036
Reviewed 03/08/2011 by
Gerald Fenech
The City - music by Aaron Copland

'... a fascinating picture of America ...'
The City. © 2009 BIS Records AB
Naxos   2.110231
Reviewed 02/08/2011 by
Howard Smith
Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail

'The applause of the Amsterdam audience is notably muted.'
Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail. © 2009 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 1003 D
Reviewed 01/08/2011 by
Robert Anderson
The Ramallah Concert
Knowledge Is The Beginning - nWest-Eastern Divan Orchestra / Barenboim

'... a tremendous, emotional, not-to-be-missed experience.'
Knowledge is the Beginning / The Ramallah Concert West-Eastern Divan Orchestra / Daniel Barenboim
Warner Classics and Jazz   2564 69480-6
Reviewed 31/07/2011 by
Ron Bierman
Aria - Special Edition

'You never know what you're gonna get.'
Aria - Special Edition. © 1987 Lightyear Entertainment LP and Virgin Vision Ltd
Second Sight   2NDVD 3163
Reviewed 30/07/2011 by
Howard Smith
Giuseppe Verdi: Don Carlo

'... a strong candidate for the library shelves.'
Giuseppe Verdi: Don Carlo. © 2004 NPS, 2005 Opus Arte
Opus Arte   OA 0933 D
Reviewed 29/07/2011 by
Robert Hugill
Rossini: Il Turco in Italia

'The orchestra under Antonello Allemandi seem to have relished the evening as much as I did.'
Rossini: Il Turco in Italia. © 2009 Naxos Rights International Ltd
Naxos   2.110259
Reviewed 28/07/2011 by
Robert Anderson
Getting Scorched: Mark-Anthony Turnage

'... well executed ...'
Getting Scorched - Mark-Anthony Turnage. © 2004 RM Associates / BBC
Digital Classics   1004DC
Reviewed 27/07/2011 by
Ron Bierman
At The Heart of Chamber Music

'It's all fairly basic stuff ...'
At the Heart of Chamber Music: A Guide for the Player, the Coach - and the Music Lover. Created by Gillian Waddell. Featuring Paul Katz and the Jupiter String Quartet. © 2008 Gillian Rogell
Music Alchemy   8 37101 39902 9
Reviewed 26/07/2011 by
Howard Smith
Schubert: Alfonso und Estrella

'... splendidly sung and played ...'
Schubert: Alfonso und Estrella. © 2008 Naxos Rights International Ltd
Naxos   2.110260
Reviewed 25/07/2011 by
Robert Anderson
Giuseppe Verdi: La forza del destino

'... a rhythmically alert, exciting performance ...'
Giuseppe Verdi: La forza del destino. © 2008 Arthaus Musik GmbH
Reviewed 31/12/2010 by
Maria Nockin
Bach: Visionen; Paganini in Chiesa

'... moments of splendour.'
Bach - Visionen; Paganini in Chiesa. Vidor Nagy, viola. © 2010 Musik und Video-Verlag Ralph Kulling
Edition Hera   HERA 02202
Reviewed 28/12/2010 by
Howard Smith
La Traviata - Love and Sacrifice

'... fun for the experienced observer ...'
La Traviata - Love and Sacrifice. The story of the opera. © 2008 Digital Classics
Digital Classics   DC10044
Reviewed 03/10/2010 by
Robert Anderson
Wihan Quartet: Beethoven String Quartets Live

'... little to truly set their work apart ...'
Wihan Quartet - Beethoven String Quartets Live. © 2009 Wyastone Estate Ltd
Nimbus Alliance   NI 6107
Reviewed 28/08/2010 by
Howard Smith

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