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eMuse (TM) by Jeff Talman


Sound and Technology from the Artist's Perspective

6 May 2000   

Rhythm and the New

22 April 2000   

Digital Images and Imaginings

25 March 2000   

Boulez is Dead

11 March 2000   

Sound Sites!

26 February 2000   

Technology and the Postmodern

12 February 2000   

Joshua Fried: Subverting Technology

29 January 2000   

Sensation: Sense and Sensibility

15 January 2000   

The Negative Spaces of Technology

1 January 2000   

'You Say You Want a Revolution...'

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Jeff Talman is a composer and soundspace installation artist who also writes about music, the arts, and technology. The New York Times has described his music as 'exquisitely muted - luminously still.' His next installation is the Inaugural Commission for the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, New York, which opens in October 2000.

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