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Isadora Werkstatt 2017

Isadora Werkstatt Berlin 2017 is the international gathering of those who create and design using Isadora, a proprietary graphic programming environment for Mac OS X And Microsoft Windows designed by Mark Coniglio and first released in 2002. Although emphasis is on real-time manipulation of digital video, the software is also used by musicians and sound artists.

The gathering consists of five days of intensive workshops, lectures, artist talks and performances for users of Isadora, and it takes place at Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany, from 9-13 August 2017.

Of particular interest on the musical/audio/performance side will be 'Sound Analysis for Generative Visuals' and 'Extending your Body Beyond the Stage: Isadora for Dancers and Performers'. There are also intensive introductory courses for new users, and a workshop on new features. Swiss composer and sound artist Daniel Schorno will be presenting two mini lectures on 'Instrumentalising Physical Computing'.

Xenia Leydel, producer of Isador Werkstatt 2017, writes: 'We are thrilled to invite you to the second Isadora Werkstatt! We've expanded and shaped this year's schedule in response to your feedback. We think you'll see that this year's edition presents even more opportunities for learning and exchange. New items on the menu include an intensive tour of Isadora's brand-spanking-new features by her creator Mark Coniglio; courses on creating 3D particle systems; interfacing to third-party software, hardware, and Arduino; and how to get data from the Kinect v2 into Isadora.

'Returning favorites include an intensive session to help Isadora newbies leap into the fray, classes on projection mapping, and community events like "Show & Tell". The Creative Space will now offer a playground of equipment, access to the TroikaTronix Team and more. The evening events include panels and performances which focus on the creative and technical processes of working with Isadora.

'We'll end the Werkstatt with a bang as we host our first ever Izzy Hackathon, where you and your team - with the support of Mark and the TroikaTronix team - will have a few short hours to realize a pop-up performance to present to the entire community.'


Posted: 1 July 2017

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