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Musica in Villa

Italico Splendore and Villa della Regina present the tenth 'Musica in Villa' - summer courses in music interpretation, which run from 26 August until 2 September 2018 in the seventeenth century Vila della Regina, Turin, Italy. The courses are organised for young graduate conservatory students, and for all who want to dedicate a week to the intense study of music, plus concerts and social life. The costs are low, the level of teaching quality high, and there's also an opportunity to perform every evening.

The full list of tutors is: Alessandro Andriani, Carmelo Andriani. Claudio Andriani. Roland Baldini, Guido Boselli, Drora Bruck, Annamaria Giaquinta, Marina Minkin, Patxi Montero,Stefano Marocchi, Vito Paternoster, Monica Piccinini, Fabio Ravasi and Barbara Tartari.


Posted: 6 April 2018

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