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Into The Higher World

Culture is the accumulation of highest Bliss, highest Beauty, highest Knowledge. - Nicholas Roerich

What a Neighborhood! concludes its fifteenth season celebrating local composers in New York, USA at 5pm on Saturday 29 September 2018. Into the Higher World, a free concert at the Nicholas Roerich Museum, 319 West 107th Street (near Riverside Drive, the #1 train, and the M104 bus), focuses on the forces that shape our growth, with new works by Stephen Siegel and Aleksandra Vrebalov, a piano quintet commissioned for the occasion from Julian Bennett Holmes, Schoenberg piano pieces, and the transcendent Brahms Piano Quartet in C minor. The music is enhanced by reflections from Goethe as well as Roerich's life-giving paintings. Performers include the Orfeo Duo - Ishmael Wallace, piano and Vita Wallace, violin - plus Sharon Harms, soprano, Jessica Taskov, flute, Aaron Packard, violin, Rick Quantz, viola and Talia Dicker, cello.

The Nicholas Roerich Museum has been offering regular concerts and recitals for over seventy years. They are free to the public, financed by the Museum's budget and by donations, but without any help from New York City or from grants. Please register in advance to attend, or you may not have a seat.

Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (or Nicholas Roerich) (1874-1947) was a noble-born well-connected and well-travelled Russian painter, writer, theosophist, philosopher, lawyer and public figure who was married to Musorgsky's niece Helena. He also designed costumes and sets for ballet, opera and drama. Whilst growing up, he was influenced by a spiritual movement in Russian society, and his paintings are said to have a hypnotic effect. Dedicated to preserving art and architecture during wartime, he is known for the Roerich Pact which has been enshrined in the law of most nations since 1935.

Following the Orfeo Duo and friends' concert on 29 September, regular concerts and recitals at the Nicholas Roerich Museum continue each weekend with Ana Gligvashvili (7 October), Isabel Geheiler and Grigory Smirnov (13 October), Eleni Traganas (14 October), Mark Valenti (21 October), Josu de Solaun (28 October), Ensemble BREVE: Deborah Booth (4 November), Lisa Joy Sitjar (11 November), Lily Friedman (18 November), Laura Falzon and Andrey Tchekmazov (25 November), Molly Carr and Anna Petrov (2 December) and Anna Knanina (9 December 2018), all beginning at 5pm.


Posted: 17 September 2018

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