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Sarah Connolly

Following the publication in October 2018 of a letter signed by various British classical musicians, asking the UK's Prime Minister to keep the country in the European Union, British mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly took over Jessica Duchen's classical music blog on 14 November 2018 to write very persuasively here about why the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union to retain its leading place on the world stage, with particular reference to European musicians working and studying in the UK and to UK musicians working in the rest of Europe.

This week Sarah Connolly was in the news again when she performed Beethoven's Ode to Joy outside the House of Lords in London, demonstrating alongside many other musicians on Monday 9 December, and again asking the Prime Minister to stop the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. Connolly should have been at the Teatro Real in Madrid, where the rehearsal for Das Rheingold continued in her absence, but she was in London with the support of her colleagues at Teatro Real.

A photo of Connolly singing at the demonstration, along with signs reading 'Stop Brexit' and 'Musicians depend on Freedom of Movement' was included by The New York Times yesterday in its 'Your Tuesday Briefing' section, but the demonstration appears to have been completely ignored by the BBC.

The UK's right-wing government appears to be still clinging to the results of a 2016 referendum which was split nearly 50/50, but narrowly in favour of leaving the European Union. On Monday the UK's Prime Minister cancelled, at short notice, a vote that was due to take place in the House of Commons about the issue, presumably because the vote had been very unlikely to go in her favour, and yesterday she visited various European leaders for further talks about what might happen next.


Posted: 12 December 2018

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