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Monday 24 July 2017

Robert Anderson (1927-2015). Photo © 2003 Keith Bramich  Howard Smith (1939-2015)  Brahms in 1853  'Massenet's bland patisserie and Mlle Sanderson's sugar-candy notes' baked in the 'national musical oven' - caricature by Chavric from 'La Silhouette', March 1894  Larry Sitsky


Highlighting Absurdity - Keith Bramich remembers his friend, the M&V contributor Robert Anderson

Held with Love - Halida Dinova remembers Howard Smith (1939-2015)

Young Genius - George Colerick investigates the emotional life of Johannes Brahms in his twenties

Massenet and Femmes Fatales - George Colerick investigates

Astounding Contributions - Larry Sitsky at Eighty, by Endre Anaru

Remembering Hoffy - Alice McVeigh writes about cello teacher Robert Hofmekler

Training Singers - Maria Nockin talks to Dolora Zajick about finding young dramatic voices

Bold Eccentricities - Meyerbeer and the Development of Parisian Grand Opera, by George Colerick

An Affectionate Eye - George Bernard Shaw as London Music Critic, by George Colerick

Very Unassuming - Geoff Pearce remembers the New Zealand composer John Ritchie (1921-2014)

Sibelius and Myth - George Colerick discusses Finnish culture and asks if Sibelius was one of the greatest melodists

Love Comes Stealing In - George Colerick remembers Wolfgang Ostberg (1939-2011)

A Very Lucky Man - Albanian lyric tenor Saimir Pirgu talks to Maria Nockin

An Integral Part - Lindsey Wallis looks forward to the Canadian Music Centre's tribute concert to composer Roberta Stephen

A Tremendous Creative Output - Geoff Pearce muses on the career of Peter Sculthorpe

Uniquely Proactive - Howard Smith reviews the career of Alexander Ivashkin, who died in January 2014

Inner Circle - Ron Bierman concludes his conversation with Nuvi Mehta

The Motive behind the Motive - Andrew Schartmann in conversation with Canadian composer Alan Belkin

Letter to Louise Talma (Never Sent) - by Jenna Orkin

Story Line - Ron Bierman continues his conversation with Nuvi Mehta

A Chance Encounter - Nuvi Mehta, the voice of the San Diego Symphony, talks to Ron Bierman

Think of Something Beautiful - Malcolm Miller pays tribute to contralto Sybil Michelow

Inner Meaning - Bill Newman talks to Kazan pianist Rustem Kudoyarov

All-Involving - Turkish pianist Idil Biret talks to Bill Newman

Humanizing Emotions - American conductor James Conlon talks to Maria Nockin

A Nurturing Environment - Maria Nockin talks to American mezzo Kate Lindsey

Malcolm Smith (1932-2011) - A celebration, not an obituary, by Bill Newman

A Rich Resource - Teresa Verde explains how Theodore Deacon makes opera come alive

Two Americans in Paris - Maria Nockin talks to Vivica Genaux and Lawrence Brownlee

Spokesman for Soviet Society? - Colin Albin discusses Shostakovich and the state

With Perfection in Mind - Bill Newman talks to all four members of the Wihan Quartet

Finding the Right Voice - Maria Nockin talks to American composer Daniel Catán

The State of the Art - Maria Nockin talks to soprano Christine Brewer

Hearing the Ideas - Maria Nockin talks to American composer Ricky Ian Gordon

Important Skills - Maria Nockin talks to American mezzo Dolora Zajick

Serious Fun - Lynn Norris looks back at the life of composer, conductor and pianist Aubrey Bowman

Real Meaning - Maria Nockin talks to American mezzo-soprano Susan Graham

Thoroughly Impressed - Maria Nockin talks to baritone Alan Opie, who is about to sing Germont for San Diego Opera

Encouraging Others - Maria Nockin talks to Stephen Costello and Ailyn Perez, the young couple singing Gounod's 'Romeo and Juliet' this month at San Diego Opera

Charismatic and Inspiring - Lynn Norris talked to the late Roy Budden about his life with music

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