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ROBERT HUGILL visits the Gut Immling Festival
for a performance of Wagner's 'The Flying Dutchman'


Gut Immling is a small opera festival which takes place each summer just outside the town of Bad Endorf in Southern Bavaria, south east of Munich and not far from Lake Chiemsee where visitors can go to see Ludwig II's palace of Herrenchiemsee (though our attempts were foiled by the extreme bad weather during our visit).

Opera performances take place in a delightfully wooded rural setting, with opera happening in a large wooden building that probably started out life as a barn. There is a beer garden, bar and a huge circus-type tent in which virtually the entire audience can be seated for dinner. There is also a fabulous view.

You can't park directly at the site; access is up a long and windy country road which patently would not cope with all the traffic...

Copyright © 24 August 2010 Robert Hugill,
London UK





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