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Thursday 24 July 2014

Robert Quinney  Nikolai Demidenko. Photo © Kirill Bachkirov  Gioacchino Rossini  Poulenc: Stabat Mater - Carolyn Sampson, Daniel Reuss. © 2014 harmonia mundi sa  Richard Strauss: Complete Operas. © 2014 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH  Stephen Barlow  Roy Massey



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* Deftly Handled - Robert Quinney at the organ of Derby Cathedral, heard by Mike Wheeler

* Anniversaries: Wilfred Josephs; Ruggiero Ricci; Robert Farnon; Ernest Bloch; Giuseppe di Stefano

* Today's concerts: Oliver Rudland: Pincher Martin (first performance); London, UK; Judith Bingham: 'The Very Distant Days' (first performance); London, UK

* Festivals, competitions and masterclasses: Glimmerglass Festival; New York, US; Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival; Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto and Safari, ZA; 6th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Tuscany (Italy); Montecatini Terme, IT; Salzburg Festival (18 July - 31 August); Salzburg, AT; Grand Prix Pattaya 2014 - International Choral Festival and Competition; Pattaya, TH; Buxton Festival; Derbyshire, UK; International Organ Festival; Haarlem, NL; Aspen Festival and School (26 June - 17 August); Colorado, US; Ryedale Festival; Yorkshire, UK; Verbier Festival (18 July - 3 August); Verbier, CH; Melodia! South American Music Festival; Buenos Aires, AR

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Full Marks - Bill Newman listens to Nikolai Demidenko

Ensemble. Fatally Compromised - Rossini's 'Otello', reviewed by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Without Despair - Sacred choral music by Poulenc, heard by Howard Smith. 'Harmonia mundi has struck oil ...'

CD Spotlight. Varied Mythology - Deutsche Grammophon's Strauss opera compilation, sampled by Robert Anderson. '... a hugely enjoyable set ...'

Ensemble. Whipped Cream - Buxton Festival's 2014 Opera Gala, attended by Mike Wheeler

Sparkling Performances - Organist Roy Massey visits Derby Cathedral, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Celebratory and Ambiguous - Mozart, Judith Weir and Ravel from the Lawson Trio at Buxton, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. A Gasparini Renaissance - Giuseppe Pennisi experiences 'Il Bajazet'

Ask Alice - Busy researching an article, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Ensemble. Steely Force - A devastatingly fresh take on 'Orfeo ed Eurydice', admired by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Delicate Sensitivity - The Innovation Chamber Ensemble at Buxton, heard by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Dramatic Weaknesses - Dvorák's 'The Jacobin', reviewed by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Acknowledged Skill - Gwendolyn Mok plays Brahms, heard by Howard Smith. '... Mok falls short of Julius Katchen's flair ...'

Classical music news - Lorin Maazel (1930-2014); more ...

CD Spotlight. Very Searching - Peter Dickinson's 'The Judas Tree', heard by Robert Anderson. '... a notable performance ...'

CD Spotlight. Divertingly Arranged - Music from China and the USA, heard by Howard Smith. '... less conclusive ...'

Classical music news - Pincher Martin; more ...

CD Spotlight. Altogether Impressive - Khachaturian for violin and piano, heard by Robert Anderson. '... fine listening when interpreted as idiomatically as here.'

Classical music news - The King's Consort; more ...

Classical music news - The Opera Machine; The Schubert Project; more ...

Ensemble. Consummate Professionalism - Nigel Ogden begins Derby Cathedral's series of summer organ recitals, heard by Mike Wheeler

Classical music news - Sakari Oramo; Oscar Yatco; more ...

CD Spotlight. Extraordinarily Beautiful - Joseph Summer's Shakespeare Concerts Series, heard by Howard Smith. '... immediately expressive.'

Ensemble. Open-air Performance - A triptych of ballet on tour, with dancing in the monumental Roman ruins, experienced by Giuseppe Pennisi

CD Spotlight. Irrepressible Delights - Piano trios from the 1890s, heard by Howard Smith. '... compelling feeling and technical assurance ...'

CD Spotlight. Relatively Conservative - American music for flute and piano, heard by Ron Bierman. 'Amy Porter plays with feeling and clean, seemingly effortless articulation ...'

CD Spotlight. Expressive Style - Music for cello and guitar, heard by Howard Smith. '... the entire concert is alive with a myriad textual and sonic possibilities.'

Classical music news - July Newsletter (PDF, 950kb); Judith Weir; Julius Rudel; Mary Rodgers; more ...

CD Spotlight. Unequalled Refinement - Music by Marin Marais, heard by Gerald Fenech. 'Another triumph for Savall's seemingly inexhaustible musical genius.'

CD Spotlight. Commanding Authority - Shostakovich and Schnittke string quartets, heard by Howard Smith. '... vivid sonic immediacy.'

CD Spotlight. Refined Balance - Purcell sonatas, recommended by Gerald Fenech. '... irrepressibly elegant and restrained.'

Classical music news - Livorno Festival; Denise Shepherd; more ...

Ensemble. More Powerful - 'Carmen' in Bizet's original version, reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi

Classical music news - Schoenfeld Competition; Lee Hyla; more ...

Ensemble. Pure Entertainment - Roderic Dunnett visits Garsington Opera at Wormsley

Music's Delight - Ensemble and orchestra scores of the pre-classical period

Sponsored Features

A Beethoven Odyssey, Volume 3 - James Brawn. © 2014 MSR ClassicsCD Spotlight. Masterful Handling - Volume 3 of James Brawn's Beethoven, praised by Andrew Schartmann. '... his interpretive choices are exquisite.'

A Beethoven Odyssey, Volume 2 - James Brawn. © 2013 MSR ClassicsCD Spotlight. Perfect Indeed - More Beethoven from James Brawn, recommended by Andrew Schartmann. '... a profound - almost spiritual - connection to the music ...'

A Beethoven Odyssey, Volume I - James Brawn. © 2013 MSR ClassicsCD Spotlight. Masterfully Controlled - James Brawn's Beethoven Odyssey impresses Andrew Schartmann. '... the movement bubbles over with excitement ...'

A Tale of Two Cellos - Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd WebberCD Spotlight. Uncommon Piquancy - Music for two cellos, heard by Howard Smith. '... riveting effect.'

Louise Talma (1906-1996)Letter to Louise Talma (Never Sent) - by Jenna Orkin

Sybil Michelow (1925-2013)Think of Something Beautiful - Malcolm Miller pays tribute to contralto Sybil Michelow (1925-2013)

Charles Gounod: Roméo et Juliette. © 2011 Bel Air MediaDVD Spotlight. Olympic Scale - Charles Gounod's 'Roméo et Juliette', reviewed by Robert Anderson. 'Musically the performance deserves all the applause it gets.'

John Joubert: String Quartets 1, 2, 3. Brodsky Quartet. © 2012 Somm RecordingsCD Spotlight. A Fascinating Recording - John Joubert's string quartets, heard by Alice McVeigh. 'The Brodskys throw themselves into the lament for Shostakovich ...'

Orrett Rhoden performs works for piano by Galuppi, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Brahms, Ravel and Rhoden / Bob Marley. © 2011 Dexter RecordingsCD Spotlight. Most Remarkable - Jamaican pianist Orrett Rhoden, heard by Bill Newman. '... one of the finest on disc ...'

Howells: Requiem; Take him, earth, for cherishing. Choir of Trinity College Cambridge / Stephen Layton. © 2012 Hyperion Records LtdCD Spotlight. Beautifully Apt - Choral music by Herbert Howells, heard by Robert Anderson. '... Howells at his finest.'

Anna Netrebko in Massenet's 'Manon' at New York Metropolitan Opera. Photo © 2012 Ken HowardVocal Glory - Massenet's 'Manon' in HD from New York Metropolitan Opera, enjoyed by Maria Nockin

Rorianne Schrade. Photo © Christian SteinerAn Outstanding Evening - Bill Newman listens to American pianist Rorianne Schrade

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