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The huge worldwide interest in opera is reflected in the recent appearance of many high quality websites. Expanding on our brief coverage in last week's Site Seeing, I can report on the following opera sites:

Opera America

'The service organization for Opera', Opera America's members include 162 professional company members, 265 affiliates and more than 2000 individual members. Mostly US-based, there is some international coverage. A database of season schedules (covering repertory and performance details from 1996 to 2000) is open to all visitors. Their Set and Costume Directory (a searchable database of sets, costumes, props, musical materials etc. available for rent from member organizations, with over 1500 records) and Online Artists Database are available only to their organizational members. Opera America (who also have a significant off-line presence) are at .

Opera World

An online opera store with over 450 opera videos, laser discs, opera CDs, DVDs and posters for sale. Their titles are arranged in alphabetical order of opera name, artist and composer, but are not strictly searchable - the visitor has to browse the catalogue. Opera World (a subsidiary of Opera America) is at . They sell online and through a print catalogue, but only to customers in the USA and Canada.


OperaStuff is mostly a collection of links to opera-related web sites, but also contains original content which is to be expanded over the coming months. Includes a list of 600 hyperlinks to opera singers on the web, links to opera companies, statistics on opera house seating capacities, opera-selling webstores, record companies, pages on operas and opera composers and operas themselves, broadcasts and webcasts, opera magazines and links to other operatic homepages.

New Grove Dictionary

As previously reported, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera will be on-line at from May 1st, as an annual subscription service providing the full text of the four-volume dictionary - all 11,000 articles. Benefits include a free text search for finding terms and topics quickly, new and revised articles, two thousand cross-references for instant access to related articles, music examples, diagrams and drawings displayed in the text and biographical searches by nationality, occupation and date.

Bob's Opera Madness

Otherwise known as the Virtual Opera Museum, Bob's Opera Madness contains the web's only three-dimensional gallery of opera singers!


The Opera-L mailing list is a lively e-mail list. Postings cover all aspects of opera, and there are regular postings of links to opera stories in the online versions of international newspapers.

Opera Notes

Mike Richter' Opera Notes page has audio files, a reference encyclopedia, opera on video, reference recordings, opera timings and other goodies.

Coordinated Opera Resource Pages

CORPUS is a coordinated index of links to opera resources on the net. It looks very comprehensive, with sections on composers and their operas, opera houses and festivals, schedule services, magazines, interactive and other resources.

Opera Web

Opera Web, with Italian and English versions, is 'the starting point for the Opera world'. A high quality site which has won many awards.


Operadata, compiled by the Opera Now team, is 'the most comprehensive source of information on opera'.


Opera Net is a lively magazine with articles, cartoons, book and CD reviews. San Diego magazine's music and dance critic David Gregson runs Opera West which provides reviews and commentary on the West Coast opera scene. Opera Magazine, published in the UK, runs this website at which you can sample the current month's publication. You can also read online Opera News from Toronto. Parterre box - the queer opera zine is difficult to describe - best visit to find out.


Selected Opera Houses on-line

Bavarian State Opera

Chatelet Theatre (with a newly announced season)

Prague State Opera

Flemish Opera

Florida Grand Opera (with newly announced 1999-2000 season)

Geneva Opera (with a newly announced season)

Houston Grand Opera

Metropolitan Opera, New York

Opera Ireland 

Scottish Opera

Seattle Opera 

Sydney Opera House 

Wiener Staatsoper (season announcement)

Copyright © Keith Bramich, April 27th 1999

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