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Sex and Heroism

'Juditha triumphans' at the Sferisterio Festival,
appreciated by GIUSEPPE PENNISI


Anything goes in Holofernes' encampment. During the siege of the Jewish town of Bethulia, the night before the final attack to conquer it, the Assyrian soldiers seem to have a very happy, and sexy, time. Nearly all of them are busy with all kinds of intercourse: mostly heterosexual, but also gay and lesbian. Their chief and leader, the general Holofernes, was sent directly by Nebuchadnezzar (remember Verdi's Nabucco?) to take land, towns and breeds from the Jews. He is a bit bisexual and has, in his initial arias, quite a go on his favorite eunuch and servant Vagaus...

Copyright © 10 August 2010 Giuseppe Pennisi,
Rome, Italy




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