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Franz Mittler: Viennese Wunderkind



Playing time: 47'33"
Tracks: 7
Booklet pages: 4
© 2010 Con Brio Recordings
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Franz Mittler: Viennese Wunderkind published on 27 August 2016

Listen: Andante (Sonata in D) (track 5, 0:00-0:53)

Diana Mittler, piano
André Emelianoff, cello
Alexander Meshibovsky, violin

Franz Mittler (1893-1970):

Sonata in G Major for Cello and Piano (1910)
1 Allegro moderato
2 Andante
3 Allegro

Sonata in D Major for Violin and Piano (1909)
4 Andante - Allegro appassionato
5 Andante
6 Vivace molto
7 Vivace giocoso


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