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Jonathan Harvey



Playing time: 63'43"
Tracks: 4
Booklet pages: 20
© 2011 Hyperion Records Ltd
Reviewer: Jennifer Paull
Review of Jonathan Harvey published on 5 May 2011

Jonathan Harvey, electronics
Carl Faia, electronics
Clive Williamson, synthesiser
Ilona Meija, flute
Arne Deforce, cello
Latvian Radio Choir
Kaspars Putnins, conductor (The Angels)
James Wood, conductor

Jonathan Harvey (born 1939):

1 The Angels (1994)
for unaccompanied choir

2 Ashes Dance Back (1997)
for choir and electronics

3 Marahi (1999)
for unaccompanied choir

4 The Summer Cloud's Awakening (2001)
for choir, flute, cello and electronics


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