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Echoes of Nightingales



Playing time: 65'52"
Tracks: 22
Booklet pages: 32
© 2011 Hyperion Records Ltd
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Echoes of Nightingales published on 21 September 2012

Listen: Dougherty: Review (track 22, 0:00-0:54)

Christine Brewer, soprano
Roger Vignoles, piano

1 Sidney Homer: Sing to me, sing
2 Edwin McArthur: Night
3 A Walter Kramer: Now like a lantern
4 Mildred Lund Tyson: Sea Moods
5 Landon Ronald: O lovely night!
6 James H Rogers: At Parting
7 John Alden Carpenter: The sleep that flits on baby's eyes
8 Paul Sargent: Hickory Hill
9 Vincent Youmans: Through the years
10 Paul Nordoff: There shall be more joy
11 Frank La Forge: Hills
12 Frank Bridge: Love went a-riding
13 Idabelle Firestone: In my garden
14 Sigmund Romberg: Will you remember? (Sweetheart)
15 Idabelle Firestone: If I could tell you
16 Thomas Moore / Friedrich von Flotow: The last rose of summer
17 Harold Vicars 'Moya': The song of songs (Chanson du cœur brisé)
18 John La Montaine: Stopping by woods on a snowy evening
19 Harold Arlen: Happiness is a thing called Joe
20 Leonard Bernstein: Some other time
21 Ernest Charles: When I have sung my songs
22 Celius Dougherty: Review


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