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Music for Henry V and the House of Lancaster



Playing time: 72'47"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 32
© 2011 Hyperion Records Ltd
Reviewer: Robert Anderson
Review of Music for Henry V and the House of Lancaster published on 27 September 2011

Listen: 'Roy Henry': Gloria (track 1, 0:03-0:54)

The Binchois Consort:
Mark Chambers, alto
Timothy Travers-Brown, alto
Richard Butler, tenor
Edwin Simpson, tenor
Matthew Vine, tenor
Christopher Watson, tenor
Andrew Kirkman, conductor

'Roy Henry' (1386-1422):
1 Gloria

2 The Office for St John of Bridlington - Antiphons and Responsory

3 Asperges me, Domine - chant with faburden

4 Kyrie (Missa Quem malignus spiritus)

5 Gloria (Missa Quem malignus spiritus)

6 Ave regina caelorum - chant
Richard Butler, solo

Leonel Power (died 1445):
7 Ave regina caelorum

8 Credo (Missa Quem malignus spiritus)

9 Gloriosae virginis - chant
Christopher Watson, solo

10 Leonel Power:
Gloriosae virginis

11 Sanctus and Benedictus (Missa Quem malignus spiritus)

[?Thomas] Damett (died 1436/7):
12 Salvatoris mater / O Georgi Deo

John Cooke (c1385-?1442):
13 Alma proles / Christi miles

[?Nicholas] Sturgeon (died 1454):
14 Salve mater / Salve templum

15 Agnus Dei (Missa Quem malignus spiritus)

16 Ite missa est ... Agimus tibi gratias (Lucca Choirbook)

17 Tota pulchra es - chant
Timothy Travers-Brown, solo

Walter Frye (died 1475):
18 Ave regina caelorum a 4


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