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Divergence - modern concerti for strings



Playing time: 52'
Tracks: 15
Booklet pages: 0
© 2011 Navona Records LLC
Reviewer: Ron Bierman
Review of Divergence - modern concerti for strings published on 7 June 2012

Listen: Scott Michal: Prokofiev (Encomiums) (track 6, 0:00-0:53)

Nicholas Sackman:
Concertino for Violin and Orchestra
1 I
2 II
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Vit Micka, conductor

Scott Michal:
4 Hindemith
5 Bach
6 Prokofiev
Vít Muzík, soloist
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Petr Vronský, conductor

William Thomas McKinley:
Concert Variations
7 Theme: Lamento
8 Variation I: Pretissimo
9 Variation II: Larghetto
10 Variation III: Con forza
11 Variation IV: Larghetto
12 Variation V: Presto possible e molto bravura
13 Variation VI: Molto maestoso e largamente
14 Variation VII: Moderato e molto energico
15 Variation VIII and Finale: Con brio e fantastic
Glenn Dicterow, violin
Karen Dreyfus, viola
Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra
Carl St Clair, conductor

CD includes interactive multimedia content


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