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Big River Songs - The Tyne


DVD, Region 0 (all)

Playing time: c110'
Chapters: 61
Booklet pages: 8
© 2011 MWM
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Big River Songs - The Tyne published on 16 September 2012

Watch and listen: Trad Tyneside: Dance Ti Th Daddy (title 4 chapter 56, 96'34"-97'29")

Presented by Charlie Hardwick and Eric Robson

4/1 Introductory sequence

4/2 Water of Tyne
(Sting and Jimmy Nail)

4/3 The Fog On the Tyne

4/5 Hughie The Graeme
(Judy Dinning)

4/7 Chevy Chase
(Johnny Handle)

4/9 Still I Love Him
(Chelsea Halfpenny)

4/11 Doon The Waggonway
(Claire Rutter with the English Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by David Haslam)

4/13 Why Aye Man
(Billy Mitchell)

4/15 Eastern Allen Runs
(Terry Conway)

4/17 The Hexhamshire Lass
(Thomas Allen with the Northumbria Concert Orchestra conducted by David Haslam and Graeme Danby with the Brown Ale Brass Band)

4/19 The Shoe Makker
(Charlie Hardwick and Chelsea Halfpenny)

4/21 Derwentwater
(Judy Dinning)

4/23 Blaydon Races
(Tim Healy, Jimmy Nail and Kevin Whately)

4/25 Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny
(Thomas Allen, Graeme Danby, Claire Rutter, English Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Haslam)

4/27 Mally Didn't Come
(Pete Scott)

4/29 Gallowgate Lad
(Judy Dinning)

4/31 Ne Work
(Pete Scott and Charlie Hardwick)

4/33 The Row Upon The Stairs
(Alun Armstrong and Tim Healy)

4/35 Sandgate Dandling Song
(Charlie Hardwick and Lucy Hoile)

4/37 The Pitman and the Blackin'
(Billy Mitchell)

4/39 Guard Yer Man Weel
(Bob Fox, English Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Haslam)

4/41 Wor Geordie's Lost His Liggie
(Brian Johnson and Billy Mitchell)

4/43 Hev Ye Seen Wor Jimmy
(Denise Welch, Northern Sinfonia and Chorus conducted by David Haslam)

4/45 The Toon Improvement Bill
(Geoff Wonfor and Billy Mitchell)

4/47 Canny Tyneside
(Jimmy Nail and Val McLane)

4/49 Cullercoats Fish Lass
(Angie Lonsdale)

4/51 Meet Me on the Corner

4/53 Blow the Wind Southerly
(Jill Halfpenny, English Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Haslam)

4/55 Dance Ti Th Daddy
(Alex Glasgow and members of Northern Sinfonia)

4/57 Big River
(Joe McElderry)

4/59 Going Home - Theme from 'Local Hero'
(Mark Knopfler)

4/61 End titles


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