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The Finck Album



Playing time: 67'54"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 12
© 2012 Diversions LLC
Received: 3 April 2012

Listen: Finck: The K-Nuts Medley (track 15, 2:20-3:12)

Kelli Uustani, singer
Pirjo Levandi, soprano
Mart Sander, singer
The Principals and orchestra of Theatre Bel-Etage, Tallinn, Estonia

Herman Finck:

1 Cheero!

2 In the Shadows
Kelli Uustani

3 Hullo, Girls!

4 My Waltz Queen (new lyrics by Mart Sander)
Mart Sander

5 Jocoso

6 Dear Old Fighting Boys
Kelli Uustani and Mart Sander

7 Pirouette (dedicated to Anna Pavlova)

8 Venetia (Decameron Nights)
Pirjo Levandi

My Lady Dragonfly - Ballet Suite
9 Part I
10 Part II
11 Part III
12 Part IV
13 Part V
14 Part VI

15 The K-Nuts Medley (including 'Gilbert the Flbert' and 'I'll Make a Man of You Yet')
Kelli Uustani and Mart Sander

16 Queen of the Flowers (new lyrics by Mart Sander)
Pirjo Levandi and Mart Sander

17 Moonlight Dance

18 Decameron Nights - Orchestral Suite


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