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Sciarrino: Luci mie traditrici


NTSC DVD 16:9 Region 0 (worldwide)
PCM Stereo

Playing time: 69' (performance) + 33' (bonus)
Chapters: 13 + 11
Booklet pages: 16
© 2011 Giancarlo Matcovich, 2012 EuroArts Music International GmbH
Reviewer: Giuseppe Pennisi
Review of Sciarrino: Luci mie traditrici published on 22 October 2012

Watch and listen: Sciarrino: Scene 8 (Luci mie traditrici) (chapter 12, 60:18-61:15)

Nina Tarandek (La Malaspina)
Christian Miedl (Il Malaspina)
Roland Schneider (L'Ospite)
Simon Bode (Un Servo)

Ensemble Algoritmo
Marco Angius, conductor

Christian Pade, staging
Alexander Lintl, stage design and costumes
Agnes Eggers, dramaturgy
Giancarlo Matcovich, producer and director

Salvatore Sciarrino: Luci mie traditrice (Italian debut performance)
Act I
1 Prologo: 'Qu'est devenu ce bel œil' (Voce dietro il sipario)
2 Scena I: 'Venite, mia vita' - Buio (Il Malaspina, la Malaspina)
3 Scene II: 'A respirar ritorno' (Il Malaspina, la Malaspina, servo)
4 Intermezzo I
5 Scene III: 'O Dio - Ohimé' (Ospite, la Malaspina)
6 Scene IV: 'La gelosia m'è sprone' - Buio (Servo, ospite, la Malaspina)
7 Scene V: 'E questo è vero?' (Il Malaspina, servo)

Act II
8 Scena VI: 'Signora Duchessa, che fate?' (Il Malaspina, la Malaspina)
9 Intermezzo II
10 Scena VII: 'Questa notte vi tratterrò tanto' (Il Malaspina, la Malaspina)
11 Intermezzo III
12 Scene VIII: 'Signor Duca - Signora Duchessa' (Il Malaspina, la Malaspina)
13 credits

Bonus: The Making of 'Luci mie traditrici'
1 'Okay, not bad'
2 Luci mie traditrici
3 'The opera's overall structure'
4 'In the second act'
5 'When Malaspina plots vengeance'
6 'What grabbed me at once'
7 'The Producer'
8 'Frankfurt Opera contacted me'
9 'When Frankfurt Opera offered me the role'
10 'They're what you might call'
11 credits

'The composer Salvatore Sciarrino stands at the forefront of Italy's musical avant-garde. His chamber opera 'Luci mie traditrici' ('Oh My Betraying Eyes') was inspired by the murders by the Renaissance nobleman and composer Carlo Gesualdo of his wife and her lover. This production of the opera was first performed at the antiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano in Tuscany during July 2010. It has been recognised as the finest production of this work presented to date. The composer himself has stated that it is the reference point for the opera's performance.'

Recorded at the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano, 29-31 July and 1 August 2010


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