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Fairy Songs - Charlotte de Rothschild

NI 6193


Playing time: 65'50"
Tracks: 21
Booklet pages: 28
© 2012 Wyastone Estate Ltd
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Fairy Songs - Charlotte de Rothschild published on 13 January 2013

Listen: Rutland Boughton: Faery Song (track 6, 0:00-0:41)

Charlotte de Rothschild, soprano
Danielle Perrett, harp
Marianne Oliver, violin

Charles Gilbert Spross:
1 Will o' the Wisp

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs:
2 In the Faery Hills

Michael Head:
3 The Fairy Tailor

John Larchet:
4 A Stoirin Ban

Roger Quilter:
5 Fairy Lullaby

Rutland Boughton:
6 Faery Song

Charles Villiers Stanford:
7 The Fairy Lough

Michael Head:
8 The Singer

arranged by Nancy Calthorpe:
9 A Leprechaun

Charles Villiers Stanford:
10 La Belle Dame sans Merci

Julius Harrison:
11 I Know a Bank

arranged by Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser:
12 The Lure of the Fairy Hill

Sir Alfred Herbert Brewer:
13 The Fairy Pipers

arranged by Danielle Perrett:
14 A Garten Mother's Lullaby

arranged by Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser:
15 A Fairy's Love Song

Harold Samuel:
16 The Fairy Boat

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs:
17 You Spotted Snakes

Hamilton Harty:
18 A Lullaby

Michael Head:
19 The Fairies' Dance

John Larchet:
20 Padraic the Fiddler

Liza Lehmann:
21 There are Fairies


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