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Anthony Piccolo: Imaginary Symphony and other tales



Playing time: [c54'35"]
Tracks: 19
Booklet pages: 0
© 2013 Navona Records LLC
Reviewer: Andrew Schartmann
Review of Anthony Piccolo: Imaginary Symphony and other tales published on 22 July 2013

Listen: Anthony Piccolo: Lady-Bug's Rain Song (Imaginary Symphony) (track 1, 0:59-1:54)

Anthony Piccolo:
Imaginary Symphony
1 Lady-bug's rain song
2 Explore
3 Dream
Campanella Children's Chorus
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Petr Vronský, conductor

Sonata for Cello Solo
4 Appassionato
5 Scherzoso
6 Malinconico
Petr Nouzovský, cello

Fever Time - seven songs on words by Susan Kander, for children's voices, percussion and celesta
7 I
8 Cat
9 Bug
10 Outside
11 Tea Kettle
12 Papa
13 The Other I
The Hamelin Children's Chorus
Anthony Piccolo. conductor
Ladislav Bilan, percussion
Lucie Kaucká, celesta

Flûtes de Suite for multi-flute soloist
14 A Walk at Night (flute)
15 Railride at Dusk (alto flute)
16 Nowhere and Back (piccolo)
17 ... sleep: perchance ... (bass flute)
Marta Talábová, flutes

Fanfare-Sonatina for four horns
18 Allegro moderato; Volando
19 Andante con moto
Zuzana Rzounková, horn
Martin Paulik, horn
Martin Sokol, horn
Jaroslav Hubek, horn
Vít Muzík, conductor

Digital booklet and extended liner notes available on the CD


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