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Voices of Earth and Air - works for chorus



Playing time: c66'
Tracks: 21
Booklet pages: 0
© 2013 Navona Records LLC
Received: 3 July 2013

Listen: Michael G Cunningham: Come, Holy Spirit (track 1, 0:00-0:46)

Michael G Cunningham:
1 Come, Holy Spirit
2 The Nightingale
Kühn Mixed Choir
Marek Vorlícek, conductor

Alexandra Ottaway:
3 Elegy on the L C
New York Virtuoso Singers
Harold Rosenbaum, conductor

Carol Barnett:
4 Song of Perfect Propriety
Cornell University Chorus
Scott Tucker, conductor
5 Winter, Snow
2005-2006 Minnesota Women's All-state Choir
Mary Alice Stollak, conductor

David Dickau:
6 If Music be the Food of Love
C Thomas Brooks, conductor

Karen A Tarlow:
7 Hope Burns a Flame
8 Be my love
Vox Futura
Harold Rosenbaum, guest conductor

Michael G Cunningham:
9 The Winter is Past
10 A Red, Red Rose
11 On Sensibility
12 The Lazy Mist
Kühn Mixed Choir
Marek Vorlícek, conductor

Yeats Madrigals
13 The Falling of the Leaves
14 To an Isle in the Water
15 The Rose of the World
16 The Pity of Love
17 The Everlasting Voices
18 A Poet to his Beloved
19 In the Seven Woods
20 These are the Clouds
21 The Realists
Kühn Mixed Choir
Marek Vorlícek, conductor

The poet has long been considered a vehicle for expressing human thought and emotion through literary device, setting the seemingly indescribable to text, offering direction to the enamored and forlorn alike. The human voice adds a new element to the text, providing an additional level of complexity and expressiveness. Like the texts that provide the source material, the works on Voices of Earth and Air - a compilation of choral works from five composers - explore the deepest corners of the human condition, encapsulating the thrill of romantic emotion, the thirst for adventure, the expressive beauty of language, hope despite hardship, and more.

Study scores and extended liner notes are included on the CD.


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