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Michael Ellison: Say I Am You (Mevlâna)

msv 28539


Playing time: 79'53"
Tracks: 8
Booklet pages: 32
© 2013 Divine Art Ltd
Received: 26 November 2013

Listen: Michael Ellison: It's been 40 days (Say I Am You) (track 8, 8:28-9:24)

Arnaut Lems, Mevlâna
Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson, Shams
Ekaterina Levental, Melike
Tiemo Wang, Veled
Maciej Straburzynski, Allaudin
Angela Postweiler, student/chorus
Els Mondelaers, student/chorus
Fanny Alofs, student/chorus
Vocaallab Nederland
Hezaren Ensemble
Lucas Vis, musical director

Michael Ellison: Say I Am You (Mevlâna)

Act I
1 Tableau 1: I dreamed of a time
2 Tableau 2: I've wandered thirsty
3 Tableau 3: Mevlâna, Mevlâna
4 Tableau 4: Who's at the door?

Act II
5 Tableau 5: The time moves oh, so slowly
6 Tableau 6: My dear father
7 Tableau 7: Did you know, Veled's found Shams
8 Tableau 8: It's been 40 days

Recorded in 2012 at MIAM Studios, Istanbul, Turkey


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