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Abhanden - Chris Wild, cello; Ensemble Dal Niente



Playing time: [c58']
Tracks: 6
Booklet pages: 0
© 2014 Navona Records LLC
Received: 5 February 2014

Chris Wild, cello (all tracks)
Ensemble Dal Niente

Chinary Ung:
1 Spiral
Mabel Kwan, piano
Greg Beyer, percussion

Claude Vivier:
2 Piece pour violoncelle et piano
Mabel Kwan, piano

Daniel Dehaan:
3 If it encounters the animal, if it becomes animalized

Andrew Greenwald:
4 Jeku (II)
J Austin Wulliman, violin

Marcos Balter:
5 Memória

Eliza Brown:
6 Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano


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