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Strings Attached - One tough teacher and the art of perfection

Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky

ISBN: 978-1-47110-201-1


Number of pages: xvii+326 pages
Chapters: 20
© 2013 Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky
Sent to a reviewer on 30 June 2014


Part I
Chapter 1: The Debut
Chapter 2: The Rehearsal
Chapter 3: The Students
Chapter 4: The Concertino

Part II
Chapter 5: The Viola
Chapter 6: Academic Overture
Chapter 7: The Mendelssohn

Part III
Chapter 8: Baba
Chapter 9: The Audition
Chapter 10: Stage Fright
Chapter 11: 'Mr Jerry'
Chapter 12: Yesterday

Part IV
Chapter 13: The Conservatory
Chapter 14: The Gig
Chapter 15: Duets

Part V
Chapter 16: The Disappearance
Chapter 17: The Gift
Chapter 18: Meditation
Chapter 19: Finale
Chapter 20: Coda

Mr K's Black Russians
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If you're lucky, somewhere in your past is that one person who changed your life forever.

For Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky, that person was a music teacher known to his students as Mr K.

Joseph Kupchynsky demanded perfection of his students, often making them play until their fingers bled. And yet, Mr K inspired a fierce, life-long loyalty in them.

In 1991, when his daughter mysteriously disappeared, Mr K turned to Joanne, now a journalist, for help. As they embarked on a heartbreaking search for the missing girl, the poignant tale emerged of the man behind the music stand. A Jewish Armenian immigrant, Kupchynsky was a victim of childhood abuse and the survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, who found his escape in music. A passionate, remarkable man, Mr K transformed his heartache into triumph for those he taught ...


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