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Harold Truscott: Piano Music Volume One

TOCC 0252


Playing time: 75'02"
Tracks: 31
Booklet pages: 20
© 2014 Toccata Classics
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Harold Truscott: Piano Music Volume One published on 9 February 2018

Listen: Harold Truscott: Piano Sonata No 7 (track 1, 0:00-0:54)

Ian Hobson, piano

Harold Truscott (1914-92):

1 Piano Sonata No 7 in C, RC 65 (1956) (first recording on CD)

Variations and Fugue on an Original Theme, RC 100 (1967) (first recording)
2 Theme: Andante con moto
3 Variation I:
4 Variation II: Allegro moderato
5 Variation III: Andante
6 Variation IV: L'istesso tempo
7 Variation V: Allegro molto
8 Variation VI: Poco adagio
9 Variation VII: Allegro
10 Variation VIII: L'istesso tempo
11 Variation IX
12 Variation X: Molto andante
13 Variation XI: Un pochettino più mosso
14 Variation XII: Poco più mosso
15 Variation XIII: L'istesso tempo
16 Variation XIV: Molto moderato
17 Variation XV: Più mosso
18 Variation XVI: Allegro
19 Variation XVII: Andante con moto
20 Variation XVIII: Molto andante
21 Variation XIX: Quasi Waltz
22 Variation XX: Calmo
23 Fugue: Molto moderato

Suite in G, RC 95a (1966) (first recording)
24 Tempo alla marcia, moderato
25 Fughetta: Andante
26 Molto andante, calmo, quasi sarabande
27 Allegro molto

Piano Sonata No 5 in B minor, In memoriam Nikolai Medtner, RC 62 (1951-55) (first recording on CD)
28 Moderato, con anima
29 Poco allegretto
30 Molto moderato (quasi adagio), attacca
31 Moderato, con moto e pesante

Recorded 4-6 August 2014 at Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Urbana, Illinois, USA


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