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The knowledge. Opera

Dennis Marks

ISBN: 978-1-84949-622-3


Number of pages: 160
Chapters: 9
© 2015 Dennis Marks / Quadrille Publishing Limited
Reviewer: Roderic Dunnett
Review of The knowledge. Opera published on 1 May 2016

1 What is opera and what makes it different?
2 Myths and legends: A few things that opera is not
3 Where to start: close encounters of the operatic kind
4 Whose opera is it anyway? A brief history
5 Viva la Diva: The stars on stage
6 Opera's off-stage Egos: The making of the maestro and the rise of the producer
7 Opera houses in history
8 Opera for everyone
9 Where now?

'A night at the opera guarantees intense emotion, spell-binding music and overwhelming theatrical spectacle. Opera explores this most thrilling of art forms, charting its 400-year history, exploding the many myths that surround it and examining its transformation from inaccessible high art to affordable and dramatically realistic musical drama. Whether you are new to the genre or a regular opera-goer wanting to learn more, Opera makes for essential reading.

'Dennis Marks was an acclaimed director, producer and author whose work ranged from high-profile historical documentaries to award-winning films of contemporary operas. As a former Head of Music for the BBC, Dennis was responsible for the corporation's televised music and dance - including the Proms - while from 1993 to 1997 he was General Director of English National Opera. Dennis died on 2 April 2015.'


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