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Grant Foster: When Love Speaks



Playing time: 77'53"
Tracks: 14
Booklet pages: 16
© 2016 Grant Foster
Reviewer: Ron Bierman
Review of Grant Foster: When Love Speaks published on 28 July 2016

Grant Foster, piano

Grant Foster:

1 Romance in C sharp minor

2 Romance in C

Piano Sonata (dedicated to those who have suffered from war; for the many we have lost)
3 Adagio passionato, molto espressivo
4 Lento, molto espressivo
5 Allegro vivace

6 Elegy in homage to Sir Robert Helpmann

7 Bydlo (dedicated to Geraldine van Heemstra)

Six Preludes
8 Prelude 1 'Loss'
9 Prelude 2 (dedicated to Rikki)
10 Prelude 3 (dedicated to Susan)
11 Prelude 4 (dedicated to an angel, Marie)
12 Prelude 5 (dedicated to Felix)
13 Prelude 6 (dedicated to Kerri)

14 Ballade (dedicated to Terry Lewis)

First recordings of all works except Elegy

Recorded 19-20 September 2015 at Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne, Australia


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