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Spellweaving - Ancient Music from the Highlands of Scotland



Playing time: 74'37"
Tracks: 8
Booklet pages: 16
© 2016 University of Huddersfield under exclusive licence to Delphian Records Ltd
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Spellweaving - Ancient Music from the Highlands of Scotland published on 2 July 2016

1 Hindorodin hindodre

2 Cumha Mhic Leòid (McLeod's Lament)

3 Fear Pìoba Meata

4 Cruinneachadh nan Sutharlanach (The Sutherlands; Gathering)

5 Hiorodotra cheredeche (a nameless pibroch)

6 Port na Srian

7 Piobaireachd na Pàirce (The Park Pibroch)

8 Ceann Drochaid' Innse-bheiridh (The End of Inchberry Bridge)

All tracks arranged by Barnaby Brown from Colin Campbell's Instrumental Book, 1797

Recorded 8-10 June 2015 in Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK


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