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Buxton Orr: Songs


24-bit stereo

Playing time: 72'36"
Tracks: 22
Booklet pages: 28
© 2017 Delphian Records Ltd
Received: 15 February 2017

Listen: Buxton Orr: The Boy in the Train (Songs of a Childhood) (track 22, 0:01-0:47)

Nicky Spence, tenor
Iain Burnside, piano
Jordan Black, clarinet

Members of the Edinburgh Quartet:
Tristan Gurney, violin
Gordon Bragg, viola
Mark Bailey, cello

Nikita Naumov, double bass

Buxton Orr (1924-1997):

1 The Painter's Mistress (first recording)

Canzona (first recording)
2 When they him fand, and gude Wallace him saw
3 And therewith kest I doun mine eye again
4 Tibbie Fowler o'the glen
5 When first I came to be a man

6 The Ballad of Mr & Mrs Discobbolos

Ten Types of Hospital Visitor (first recording)
7 I
8 II
10 IV
11 V
12 VI
13 VII
15 IX
16 X

Songs of a Childhood (first recording)
17 Aince upon a day
18 Auld Mrs Murdy
19 One-Man Band
20 Munebrunt
21 Shy Geordie
22 The Boy in the Train

Recorded at CREAR, Argyle, Scotland on 18-22 April 2016


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