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Kenji Bunch: The Snow Queen - Orchestra Next

innova 977 (2 discs)


Playing time: 49'37"/52'56" - TT 102'33"
Tracks: 11 + 12
Booklet pages: 0
© 2017 Orchestra Next
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Kenji Bunch: The Snow Queen - Orchestra Next published on 11 December 2017

Listen: Kenji Bunch: Gerda Thaws Kay's Heart (The Snow Queen, Act II) (CD2 track 12, 4:24-5:24)

Orchestra Next
Brian McWhorter, conductor

Kenji Bunch:

The Snow Queen - Ballet in two acts

Act I
1 Prologue
2 The Snow Queen's Palace
3 The Snow Queen's Dance
4 The Mirror
5 Kay and Gerda
6 Arrival of the Snow Queen
7 Kay's Heart Turns to Ice
8 Gerda Mourns
9 The Conjure Woman
10 Dance of the Flowers
11 The Rose Briar Returns to Life

Act II
1 The Fields
2 Arrival of the Crows
3 Gerda Awakes
4 The Prince's Palace
5 The Palace Bedroom
6 Gerda Flies with the Crows
7 Gypsy Camp
8 The Robber Girl
9 Return to the Snow Queen's Palace
10 Song of the Ice Captives
11 Gerda Finds Kay
12 Gerda Thaws Kay's Heart

Recorded at Aasen-Hull Hall, School of Music and Dance, University of Oregon, USA


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