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Dizzy Days



Playing time: [77'59"]
Tracks: 21
Booklet pages: 2
© 2017 Sam Post
Received: 9 January 2018

Listen: Sam Post: Kinhaven Sonata Finale (track 11, 0:00-0:48)

Sam Post, piano
Lauren Cook, clarinet (track 11)

Ragtime by Sam Post, William Bolcom and Scott Joplin

Sam Post:

1 Dizzy Days

William Bolcom:

2 Graceful Ghost (take 1)
3 Raggi'n Rudi

Sam Post:

First Three Rags
4 Leapfrog
5 Lemur
6 Ladybug

Scott Joplin:

7 Gladiolus Rag

Sam Post:

Three Dedicated Rags
8 Phone-tag (for Angel)
9 Mournful (for Paris)
10 Dusk (for Ari & Mia)

11 Kinhaven Sonata Finale

William Bolcom:

12 Graceful Ghost (take 2)

Sam Post:

Ragtime Reflections
13 The Journey
14 Rifkin, rolls and rediscovering ragtime
15 America's original mashup
16 Levels of syncopation
17 Swing rhythm, swing feel: Beethoven vs Wynton Kelly
18 William Bolcom, improvisation, and breaking the 'rules' of ragtime
19 Drama, dissonance, and the influence of Bach
20 Three dedications
21 Musical acknowledgements and further listening


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