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Tracks: 21
Booklet pages: 6
© 2018 Navona Records LLC
Received: 19 January 2018
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Listen: Eric Whitacre: i thank you god for most this amazing day (Three Songs of Faith) (track 4, 0:01-0:55)

Maria Servodidio, soprano (tracks 2-4)
Lauren Urquhart, soprano (tracks 8-10)
Maggie Birmingham-Corbett, alto (tracks 8-10)
Charles Calotta, tenor (tracks 8-10)
Salvador Miranda, baritone (tracks 8-10)
Vanderbilt Chorale
Emily Richards, violin (tracks 5-7)
Allie Stewart, violin (tracks 5-7)
Han Dewan, viola (tracks 5-7)
Juliano Stewart, cello (tracks 5-7)
Richard Todd, guitar (track 11)
Polly Brecht, piano (tracks 12-19)
Matthew Leo, djembe (track 20)
Matt Phelps, piano (track 21)
Tucker Biddlecombe, conductor

Daniel Read, arranged by Brad Holmes:

1 Windham

Eric Whitacre:

Three Songs of Faith (e e cummings)
2 i will wade out
3 hope, faith, light, love
4 i thank you god for most this amazing day

Michael Slayton:

Three Settings of Ezra Pound
5 Alba
6 And The Days Are Not Full Enough
7 A Girl

Maurice Ravel:

Trois Chansons
8 Nicolette
9 Trois Beaux Oiseaux Du Paradis
10 Ronde

Alf Houkum:

11 The Rune of Hospitality

Eliza Gilkyson, arranged by Craig Hella Johnson:

12 Requiem

Jonathan Dove:

The Passing of the Year
13 Invocation (William Blake)
14 The Narrow Bud Opens Her Beauties to the Sun (William Blake)
15 Answer July (Emily Dickinson)
16 Hot Sun, Cool Fire (George Peele)
17 Ah, Sun-Flower! (William Blake)
18 Adieu! Farewell Earth's Bliss! (Thomas Nashe)
19 Ring Out, Wild Bells (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

traditional African, arranged by Michael Barrett and Ralf Schmitt:

20 Indodana

David Dickau:

21 If Music Be the Food of Love (Henry Heveningham)


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