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During its first two days of operation, Music & Vision received many hundreds of visitors from all over the world, attracted a great deal of attention and generated much favourable comment through the Contacts button on the main page.

Basil Ramsey explores his Editor's inbox ...

From: Ian Lace
Congratulations and every success for your new venture
From: Gerald E. Corey
... I think it will be a valuable edition for music-lovers and musicians everywhere to have your Music and Vision Fanfare magazine available online. Best wishes to the staff, and don't look back. I hope we can all share in celebrating the intricacies and beauties of the art of music ...
From: Marcie Ewasko
Hello! I've just finished looking over your new ezine, and I'm impressed. I look forward to seeing more of it.
From: Steve Schwartz
It looks wonderful. The Adrian Williams fanfare is certainly a classy way to begin. The writers are all first-rate, and the web design beautiful without being over-elaborate. I look forward to this.
From: John Wiser
Very promising start (although I have defeated all audio programs in my browser and thus will not be able to receive this portion of your publication). I look forward to the series by the always illuminating Wilfrid Mellers.
From: Roz Mancy
Congratulations on Music and Vision a truely wonderful addition to the musical resources on the Net. Best wishes for a resounding success with the publication.
From: Gerry McColl
Great idea! Will there be any limits to the kind of music to be discussed?
From: Basil Ramsey, Editor
Our intentions are to cover classical and modern serious music, jazz, and ethnic music. The boundaries are flexible, although we will rarely stray into the pop world with its commercial motivations. We see music as the outcome of a creative force in its truest sense.
From: Neil McKelvie
This is a wonderful idea and should attract good contributions.
From: Michael Richter
It is a pleasure to find a site so learned and so well designed. I look forward to visiting regularly.
From: Oliver Kentish
Congratulations on the commencement of an astoundingly ambitious project. I wish you every success and look forward to making a visit to "Music & Vision" a part of my daily routine.

From: Basil Ramsey, Editor
Thanks to all those who have kindly wished us well. The venture is undertaken to be of service to Music in all its glorious diversity and for those whose lives are enriched by its power.

7 January 1999