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 An introduction from the Editor


New Years usually start with good intentions. This, the final year of perhaps the most turbulent century of all, must surely thunder with intentions, aspirations, prayers and hopes from every living soul. History has proved how Art not only survives periods of unrest but flourishes. Against this backdrop, the launch of a daily music magazine on the internet can seem trite and maybe irrelevant. Nonetheless, we have faith in this unique venture as people everywhere, and from every strata of society, come within the power and influence of good music. In our computer-ridden society the vast resource and potential of cyberspace affects us all. There are many who fear it as a threat - not without some reason - yet it is here, won't go away, and can serve mankind fruitfully as well as foolishly.

Our intention with Music & Vision is to serve this growing interest in serious music. As the Internet is unlike any other information provider, the daily electronic issue of a music magazine is feasible and - we feel - desirable as much for the colossal heritage of music worldwide as for the insatiable curiosity of the musically aroused in every part of the globe.

The crucial test for us on the editorial team is provision of acceptable features and the latest news and information. What is effective in a conventional publication format could prove intractable in electronic presentation. So everything is new: to be sampled, evaluated and reshaped until you the reader is satisfied.

Over the coming months we shall bring you topical features, interactive studies of music's development, reviews of live and recorded music, books and printed music, contributions from all kinds of people in music, some frivolity, and ideas that are specifically planned for internet conditions and facilities. We ask your feedback in response and will be grateful for candid comments.

Our fervent desire is to successfully provide assistance in gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the unique art of music. Such a task is not easy but given a strong platform it can be successful, and certainly enjoyable for us all.

Make Music & Vision part of every day. It will be succinct, not overlong. It will cost you nothing other than a brief visit on the net. The rest is up to us.

Basil Ramsey