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A tall order

Music & Vision is into its second week of life. A lot of people around the world viewed the site over the first week. Our plans are developing for coverage on a world scale as we gauge the reception of readers.

The enormous advantage of publishing in daily parts is the flexibility for last-minute switches of material governed by events of whatever nature. There remains with some people an assumption that serious music and its world is a backwater, still and peaceful. This mysterious calm has always been a figment of imagination. The musical world is a scaled-down version of the rumbustious planet we inhabit. Putting music itself apart on its pedestal, the rest involves us as performers and/or listeners, living, working, crying, eating. in pain, in love, in peace, in fury, in.... the list is endless; and each human being reacts individually to music, yet within much the same ambience. There’s nothing routine or dull, listless or enervating about music when the response inside us is true to the emotive experience. Finding yourself in tears from a direct emotional response to music, you will forever remember that feeling and long for its return. Music is certainly the ‘food of love’ in its deepest sense.

By now you will assume that I have wandered off course. No, I wish that the deepest feelings about music may sometimes be touched by what you read in Music & Vision. A friend hailed the news of our intentions with this magazine as ‘a tall order’. We find that a splendid challenge: the taller the better.

Basil Ramsey, 11 January 1999

Easily - in C major

Compare and contrast

Easily by Kawthfour (left, in C major, and right, in Romanian harmonic minor mode.
Easily - in Romanian harmonic minor mode