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From the Critics

'Turn your eyes, reader, to any one composition that bears the name of Liszt if you are unlucky enough to have such a thing on your pianoforte and answer frankly, when you have examined it, if it contains one bar of genuine music. Composition indeed! - decomposition is the proper word for such hateful fungi which choke up and poison the fertile plains of harmony, threatening the world with drowth - the world that pants for "the music which is divine" and can only slake its burning thirst at the "silver fountains" of genuine, flowing melody - melody, yes, melody, absolute melody.'

- James William Davison, Musical World, London June 30th 1855 [Davison, the notorious 'music monster' of Charles Reid's biography (1984), was the Times Music Critic, 1846-78, and Editor of the Musical World, 1843-c 1880]