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ISSUE 1 - JUNE 1999

Welcome to the monthly newsletter of Music & Vision, the daily music magazine edited by Basil Ramsey. Ates Orga is Consultant Editor (keyboard).


The gradual growth of Music & Vision's readership encourages us to keep our present course in terms of the level of general readability for the mixture of amateur musical enthusiasts and professional musicians who have found our site, and then return for more. The comparatively small amount of opinion that comes via email is amazingly kind, which leads me to invite the shrewd amongst you to tell us when you are displeased or just plain angry with anything specific. We may not agree but we'll listen and do whatever seems appropriate.

In terms of material, we have barely scratched the surface of possibilities; nor can we anticipate the musical 'unknowns' out there in the world with gifts galore but not the means as yet to publicise them. There's an increasing tide of global competitive events designed to spotlight exceptional talent in the making. As proved already, we endeavour to bring such matters to readers' attention when we can. Which provides the chance for reminding all readers of the importance of telling us when anything musical in your neighbourhood is deserving of wider publicity. You need only email us the crucial details of an event plus a contact for queries. Obviously we cannot guarantee use of such material, but we will endeavour to give a balanced view of what we consider apposite within the context of each day's output.

Please, then, make your presence known to us with anything relevant at any time. We, in turn, will strive to gather writing from interesting people in music and use the best facilities of the internet to help us help you, and occasionally to entertain as well.

Copyright © Basil Ramsey, May 31st 1999


Wilfrid Mellers explores the music of Janacek and the songs of Thomas Campion, in the guise of two lengthy CD reviews.

Of Janacek, Mellers writes:
'His vocal lines make audible, visible, even tactile, the people living and suffering in his world, for the melodies' short, reiterated motives echo the word- and body-gestures of rudimentary human creations, while the orchestra "incarnates" the natural and social environment they inhabit.'


Of Campion: 'That Campion was technically "progressive" although an old-fashioned Gentleman, bears on his unexpected variety, making it possible for him to make a narrative ballad, such as "It fell on a summer's day", wherein the music is as artfully sophisticated as the words, so that we have no difficulty in accepting it as "democratically" pertinent to us today.'


Mellers will return shortly with more CD and book reviews. Whenever possible, we will schedule Mellers' articles for Saturdays.


BramichKeith announces the launch of Gerard Schurmann's new graphics-rich website at - including a full works list, Earl Tomson's biography, and a variety of photographic images. David Wishart presents an appreciation of Schurmann's film music.

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