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Ton Koopman

The Ton Koopman website is at and has some new features, including a search facility and a guestbook.

European Festival Network

In a previous issue of Site Seeing we noted that would become active on 28th February. The Network's website is now operational again, having been updated for the 1999 season. Details of 1000 European festivals are provided especially for those seeking cultural to do's whilst travelling.

Piano Resources

Ates Orga's regular Friday Pianos & Pianists feature here at Music & Vision has its own homepage at which contains links to all the articles and series published so far. Abram Kreeger's Piano Lover Network website has been launched, although still in a 'testing' phase. Contents include pianists' biographies and recordings, recording and repertoire recommendations, articles and interviews. Rainmusic's Pianist Resource Center contains piano-related website reviews and recommendations.

New Music

New Music is a new on-line music journal from the Music Department of Huddersfield University in the United Kingdom.

Les Azuriales Opera Festival

Les Azuriales Opera Festival, founded in 1997, has become a cultural event on France's beautiful Cote d'Azur in the last week of August, attracting visitors from all over Europe. Under the musical direction of Bryan Evans, a master of the art of piano accompaniment of opera, Les Azuriales is dedicated to the best tradition of European chamber opera. The festival has recently published its website at .


OxRecs DIGITAL's new website at lists organ recordings from Oxford, and Cambridge, from Eton College and from Leeds and Huddersfield Town Halls. The new site also gives details of new choral CDs from Jesus College and St Johns College.

Vision Festival

The Vision Festival has announced its new website at . This annual festival in New York is dedicated to the appreciation of avant-garde jazz. This year's festival (21-31 May) includes performances by Joseph Jarman, Milford Graves, Sun Ra Arkestra, William Parker, David Ware and John Zorn.

Win a free CD

Dutch pianist Tjako van Schie invites you to visit the quiz page on his website and maybe win a free CD.

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