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Basil Ramsey considers the outcome of our two recent polls

If you ever need proof of popularity trends in a poll, results usually conform to the pattern of voting found in our two recent surveys on composers. A handful of votes go to favourites and the rest breaks down to a confusing list of singles - confusing because some of the single-vote composers are barely known. (If you wish to view the results to date, select the links at the bottom of this article)

Stravinsky predictably heads the first poll, although the runners up reveal an unpredictable order in placing. The other poll for 'much-loved' composers astounds me to discover Schoenberg placed just ahead of Rachmaninov! (We suspect 'vote rigging' by a few jokers!)

I regard the string of single votes for composers known and unknown of great value. If readers out there put their money on unknown, if not obscure, composers there must be a strong reason. I confess keen curiosity and invite these voters to outline the case for their chosen composers. All received will be published. After all, you may well assist a composer by writing convincingly of his or her talents, with a list of published works and recordings if possible.

My inclination after this is to invite readers to choose two composers from their own countries whose quality of music deserves widespread attention. So please think carefully and be ready for our announcement of the poll.

 Copyright © Basil Ramsey, June 30th 1999

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