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Blue Snow

The Blue Snow contemporary music magazine is at For a list of various other magazines and journals, visit


Audiophile Challenge

Last month, Site Seeing featured the website of the Ecole audiophile belge - the Belgian Audiophile School. We recently received an email from Christophe Balis in Brussels with further information - and in particular the address of the Roger Delneuville piano improvisations page - . The audio available from this page (in realaudio G2 format) is the only recorded trace of this reclusive Belgian pianist, and is the result of hours of labour necessary to reconstruct the sound from an old, badly damaged tape.


Jean-Pierre Rampal

A new unofficial site dedicated to the legendary flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal is at


John McHugh

Online information about the tenor John McHugh (born of Irish descent in Wolverhampton, England in 1911), including samples of two songs from his Nessun Dorma CD, is now available at


Claude Vivier

The main claim to fame of the composer Claude Vivier could be that he was stabbed to death in 1983 in a Paris bar, but if you'd like to discover more about Vivier and his music, there is interesting information (including a biography in French, audio excerpts and a list of works) at the Music Library of the Future. Whilst there, click on 'composer index' to see portraits of seven other Canadian composers. If you prefer your information in English, try the Canadian Music Centre.


Music with a mind of its own

MA Recordings, established in Japan in 1988, produces CDs of original and improvisatory music recorded in large acoustic spaces - cathedrals, churches and concert halls, and has a fascinating oriental philosophy - '... the importance of a solitary sound - its musicality and sound quality - has been one of the primary reasons for our existence.' Learn more at


Violin books and autographs for sale

David Sanders of Montagnana Books has a new catalogue of violin books and autographs for sale at - look for catalogue No 34.


Guitars alive in the 21st century

Peter Inglis would like to see the guitar prosper in the 21st century, and he believes that the current state of guitar pedagogy could be improved. To that end, he's writing a book about guitar playing which he hopes will open doors to some, and which will include a section on applying Alexander technique to playing the guitar. In the meantime, you can see elements of Peter's work at .

The Classical Guitar Alive radio programme is broadcast weekly in over 100 cities across the USA, and is also broadcast worldwide, eight times per week over the net. Further information at


Mac's Maddening Musical Mind Mangler

American orchestrator McNeil Johnston has a well designed and appealing site at . Don't miss the Musical Mind Mangler - his weekly quiz, complete with an animated throbbing brain.


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