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Books from New Delhi

New Delhi's Books & Periodicals Agency has many books on the history and nature of India's music. Titles include V.K. Aggarwal's Indian Music Through Foreign Eyes (1997), L. Annapoorna's Veena Tradition in India Music (1996), Amarnath's Living Idioms in Hindustani Music : A Dictionary of Terms and Terminology (1994) and O. Prasad's Santal Music - A Study in Pattern and Process of Cultural Persistence (1958). The agency has been in operation for 25 years and many more titles are available at . Join their mailing list, specifying 'music' in the subjects box, for regular updates.


Manfred Clynes

Pianist and inventor Dr. Manfred Clynes made the news a while ago with his special performance software called SuperConductor, which can add human-like interpretation to otherwise boring computer performances. The music world appears divided - some love his software and the resulting 'performances', whereas others hate it. Clynes is well-featured on the net, of course, with sites at and - take your pick, both sites appear to be identical, and offer free downloads.


Symphonic Workshops

You may have heard of Harry Hurwitz and Symphonic Workshops. Harry runs conducting courses, workshops and recording sessions in the Czech Republic, and is currently accepting bookings for the Marienbad Fall Workshop, 26 November to 5 December 1999 with Jonathan Sternberg and the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra. You can find further information at .


Global Music Network

With oodles of financial backing, broadcasts complete operas and concerts over the net in Real Audio format, and provide many hours of recorded music. They launched their site in December 1998 as the most important site for classical music and jazz on the internet. They have recently redesigned their site to make it more friendly for a wider variety of computer types and browser software. The redesign is a vast improvement, and visitors no longer have to register before visiting the site.


New World Records

New World Records - the Recorded Anthology of American Music - has a mission to record the music of American composers not otherwise represented in the catalogues of commercial recording companies. You can buy their discs from retail stores throughout the USA, and they have distributors in 19 European and Asian countries. Download their 64 page 1999 PDF catalogue from their website at .


I Fiati di Parma

Claudio Paradiso invites you to visit the new website of the Italian orchestra I Fiati di Parma at . Contents include a list of artists, information about the orchestra, its director and repertoire. Currently only in Italian (with some pleasant pictures), there will soon be an English translation.


MV Daily meets AL Daily

Denis Dutton's lively website Arts and Letters Daily is published six days a week, featuring intelligently-written articles on a variety of arts subjects at . Dutton's hilarious article on 'a politically correct Carmen' was re-published recently in the Washington Post, and you should find it still online at the address above.


Whistling in the Millennium

The Millennium World Championships of Musical Whistling will be held on September 11th 1999 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The world's finest whistlers can perform with 26 members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in the new Winspear Center of Music. You can listen, or maybe even take part ... Oh, and I almost forgot the address ... it's ... !

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