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Music & Vision at Presteigne

As previously announced, Music & Vision is visiting the Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts this week, and over the weekend, to share in the Festival's celebrations for its composer in residence John McCabe, in his 60th birthday year. Music and Vision at the Presteigne FestivalWe will webcast an interview between John McCabe and Christopher Morley (chief music critic of the Birmingham Post), and most of our daily articles from tomorrow until next Tuesday's Site Seeing will be Presteigne-related. If you have questions for any of the artists appearing at Presteigne (and you can see the full programme on their website, via the link above), please send them in the usual way, and we'll endeavour to provide an answer.

Early Music Festivals in France and Europe

Bruno Cornec has been busy compiling a list of early music concerts in France, including concerts involving French groups outside of France. About half way through this long and comprehensive list is a section entitled 'Main Early Music Festivals in France and Europe', and it is to this section that I'm drawing your attention. The list is hosted on as follows: 

MusicalOnline Magazine

MusicalOnline Magazine has a comprehensive and well-presented list of music festival links for the United States at

Eisenstadt Haydnfest

The highpoint of the Eisenstadt (Austria) concert season is the International Haydn days, 9 - 19 September 1999, which include the opera Armida from the Haydn Philharmonie under Adam Fischer. See (in German only).

Colorado Mahlerfest

The 13th Colorado Mahlerfest takes place 11-16 January 1999 and can be explored at

Yahoo and updates

This is worth looking at if only to express your amazement at how out of date the descriptions are. At least two games can be played here - first we can look for the most out-of-date listing - I think the prize goes to both festivals listed for summer 1996. Then check to see which festivals have bothered to update their pages for 1999/2000. Interesting, isn't it? (Both 1996 prize-winners actually have nearly up-to-date websites). 

Yahoo also have regional festival listings for the Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Classical festival listings at Snap

Some festivals are listed here. Not a particularly large or comprehensive list though.,16,-28300,00.html 

Music Festival information

Earlier in the year, Site Seeing featured music festivals and sites listing music festivals, and the information panel at the end of this earlier page is still worth a look for pointers to festival information online.

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