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Musique Ancienne

An early music site in French, with information about early music history and scores. Nice graphics (but a little heavy on its use of frames for my liking). Don't miss the link at the very bottom left of the page - Mascherata de Gastoldi - this is good use of MIDI for those who like to listen whilst they explore the web.


Dead conductors page

There's no arguing with the title of this web page - accurate, 'down to earth', succinct and not especially flattering.


What is the COE?

You can find the answer at, a site providing details of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe's current concert season and recordings.


Net Notes

Seth Williamson has about 140 reviews of classical music websites at Net Notes - Although similar in a way to Site Seeing, Net Notes has a different flavour, more along the lines of CD or concert reviews. Seth's reviews are more detailed than ours (but we have visited more sites). It's also fascinating to see the web through the eyes of someone different.


La Scena Musicale

Is this Canada's answer to Music & Vision? La Scena Musicale features classical music news, audio and video links, an e-zine with CD reviews and interviews and the 'Canadian Classical Music Calendar Database'.


Ring for early music

Not content with starting one music ring - the Art Music Web Ring, Charles K. Moss has now launched another - the Early Music Web Ring, where, for example you'll find the a cappella group Lionheart, the Burgundian Cadence and Ensemble Soleil. Rings of websites provide an alternative method of connecting and finding sites about a particular subject. In simple terms, each site provides a link to the next site in the ring. Early music enthusiasts can then, for example, visit all the sites in the Charles' ring. For further information about the system itself, visit


Leamington Winter Season

Preliminary details of the Warwick Arts Society's Winter Season (held in the Leamington Spa area of the UK, and including a concert by the Lindseys on 8 October) are now available at


Golden sections

Use of the Fibonacci series to generate the golden section - that special ratio considered to give the rectangle with the most visually pleasing proportions - has attracted its fair share of interest from the music world (including at least one group named after the phenomenon), and not only from modern composers. A good starting point to explore the use of Fibonacci and the golden ratio in music, art and architecture is


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