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Another delve into the varied musical diet available at some of our neighbouring websites ...


Bridge over the web

British Music Society guru Rob Barnett has written a long and detailed article about Frank Bridge, the British composer and teacher of Benjamin Britten. This has been published as the Frank Bridge website, part of Classical Music on the Web (UK), at Apart from this site, there's unfortunately very little net coverage of Bridge or his music.


Netherlands Radio Boys Choir

If you liked the Guildford Cathedral Choir site we featured last week, you'll probably also like another of Mark Peterson's sites,, which is all about the Netherlands Radio Boys Choir. Not only a website designer, Mark also conducts this choir.


Wolfmusic Productions

Wolfmusic use state of the art technology to produce high quality scores - they specialise in classical piano music from significant composers which is otherwise unavailable in modern editions - an example being the 'rediscovered' piano sonatas of Clementi.


Clients of Denise Meyer

I seem to given away one answer already to the question 'what do these three sites have in common?' They've all been created by Meyer Communications. is the home page of composer Martin Bresnick and pianist Lisa Moore, is composer Thomas C. Duffy's website, and represents Willie Ruff (a faculty member of the Yale School of Music) and the Mitchell Ruff duo.


An affair with classical music

Kurt Nemes' self-confessed affair with classical music is his excuse to keep writing for his Musical Almanac page at  - he chooses and writes about a different piece of music each day and places the result at this page. The writing tends to be personal - how he discovered the piece, what it means to him etc.


Course composition musicale à distance

Jean-Luc Kuczynski announces a four year distance-learning course for music composition in French. The course is based on intensive practical work. With support from CD-ROM, students work on paper, returning their exercises by post for individual feedback (which is returned either by post or by e-mail). Information from

If English is your preferred language, Elizabeth Hinde describes the content of her site at as 'Theory, tips and techniques for music arrangers, orchestrators, composers and song writers'. Elizabeth, a student of Joe Paparone (Director and Professor of theory and orchestration at Melbourne Music Academy), decided that Joe's wisdom was too good not to write down. The site's Musical Instruments Reference is freely browsable.


Club Abbadiani Itineranti

Meanwhile, for all those who appreciate the art of Claudio Abbado, a new site called 'Abbadiani' has been created at There are Italian, English and French language versions. The creator(s) are interested in feedback ... well here's some. Their English page is in Italian! The only concession to translation is the HTML (web page) title, which appears as 'Itinerating Abbadian Club'. Please remember that you saw it first at Music & Vision ...


Something completely different

I can't quite make out whether this creation is recent or a couple of years old. is not for the faint-hearted - some of the language in this interview with 'our Nige' may offend some people (or am I just getting too old?)


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