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Mendelssohn poured out his mostly impeccable musical thoughts from an early age, and even his earlyish death still left a respectable legacy of music. My thoughts on hearing his music are of the utmost enjoyment should the work be from that singular list powerful enough to dig into our souls: the Violin Concerto, Italian symphony, 'Fingal's Cave' Overture, 'Midsummer Night's Dream' Overture, and several others. But there's a lot of 'also rans'.

Mendelssohn - Complete Works for Cello and Piano. Copyright (c) 1999 Discover InternationalThis CD of the complete works for cello and piano - two sonatas, Variations concertantes, and an isolated Song without Words – carries several raging torrents of notes [click for music] doing what Mendellsohn did so well in his politest mode of dramatic music. The American players are excellent international award-winning musicians giving of their considerable best, and with a good polish. Musically I respond to the Variations more easily than the Sonatas, perhaps because the construction is tighter and manifold development through conventional patterning is kept on the rein [click for music]. Which is also the case with the mellifluous Song, at just under five minutes and thereby richer in content and flow.

Copyright © Basil Ramsey, September 29th 1999 


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