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Aaron Avshalomoff
Orchestral Works Volume 1


Work details

Flute Concerto
10'45"/6'22"/7'54" - TT 25'01"
Symphony No 1

13'00"/8'13"/7'23"/13'03" - TT 41'46"


Artist details

Nadine Asin, flute
Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Jacob Avshalomov
, conductor (concerto)
David Avshalomov, conductor (symphony)


Recording details

Recorded: 12-28 May 1997
Venue: Mosfilm Studios, Moscow, Russia
Producer: Betta Inc.
Recording Engineer: Not specified
Copyright: 1999, HNH International Ltd.
Pressing: 1999, HNH International Ltd.

Marco Polo 8.225033 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 66'53"


Editorial & Design details

Booklet Editor: Not specified
Design: Not specified
Liner notes: Jacob Avshalomov, David Avshalomov
French translation: Alexandre Juban
German translation: Tilo Kittel
Cover photo: Aaron Avshalomoff
Recording supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Provence-Alpes-Côte region.


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