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Franz Krommer
Partitas for Wind Ensemble


Work details

Partita in E flat major, Op 45 No 1, FVK 1
5'39"/7'12"/4'05"/4'28" - TT 21'24"
Partita in B flat major, Op 45 No 2, FVK 2
5'57"/4'41"/3'21"/4'31" - TT 18'30"
Partita in E flat major with two solo horns, FVK 2d
10'38"/9'59"/4'38" - TT 25'15"


Artist details

Michael Thompson Wind Ensemble:
Derek Wickens
, oboe
Dirk Boiy, oboe
Robert Hill, clarinet
Nicholas Carpenter, clarinet
Michael Thompson, horn
Richard Berry, horn
John Price, bassoon
Philip Tarleton, bassoon
Timothy Mallett, contrabassoon
John Miller, trumpet


Recording details

Recorded: 19,22,23 July 1996
Venue: St Paul's Church, Rusthall, Kent, England
Producer: Mike Purton
Engineer: Iestyn Rees
Editor: Mike Purton
Copyright: 1999 HNH International Ltd.
Pressing: 1999 HNH International Ltd.

Naxos 8.553868 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 65'08"


Editorial & Design details

Edition: John Humphries
Liner notes: John Humphries (English), Stéphan Perreau (French), Alexandra Maria Dielitz (German)
Cover painting: View of Lake Tegern by Wilhelm von Kobell (AKG Berlin)


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