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A Panselinos:

Dear Sir,

Before the contributor of the page Rejected Reviews is to continue his offerings, some crash courses in humour are definitely in order. It's been a very long time since last I encountered such a lamentable essay at journalistic wit. For Goodness sake, instead of poking fun at Brahms (!) wouldn't it be much more entertaining to pinpoint extensive selections of the contortionist efforts by means of which some (not all, not yet) of Gramophone's contributors manage to sell to their public the CDs of the new talents promoted by the companies?


The Editor replies:

As we all have slightly differing viewpoints on everything, Trevor Hold's spoof essays will appeal to some and not others. It's as simple as that. If you are questioning his ability, then you are questioning my ability as an editor to select material for this magazine. As an occupational hazard I have long learnt the truth of that. Nonetheless, readers can choose what they read, and they can take the same step as you if they wish. Editors do listen and remember what is said.

Basil Ramsey


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